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Today the culprit celebration will inimitable actress Emily Deschanel. Star of TV series "Bones" and many others is a very beautiful and talented woman. But even she is sometimes mistaken in choosing clothes. Let's see what colors are more and which are less suited Emily.

15) Light yellow color. Dress like a bag, the color blends with the skin, Emily, her color is very complete.

14) leopard print. No, no and no again =) looks very awkward.

13) the following colors will be black and white polka dots. The combination of this dress with a wide blue belt does not fit in my head.

12) Pale pink top, black bottom. In this dress she looks like a porcelain doll gothic. Do not want to say that Emily looks in this photo is bad, but this outfit is not very much to her.

11) Black and white stripe. Well what can I say ... It's better than a pale pink, but still not good enough for Emily.

10) In this satin green dress to me it is a bit like a zombie =) Maybe it's too exaggerated comparison, but it's the first thought that I had after I saw this photo.

9) The combination of white with red suits Emily, but that in the dress? What granny she robbed? Quite on it does not look like.

8) Blue. Then turned two opposites. The first dress: bright pure color, well-groomed, Emily, everything looks fine.

And here is the second: the dim dark blue color, wrinkled clothes, no make-up and styling is clearly not paint it.

7) I would not say that pink is ideal Emily. On two photo two pink dresses of different colors, and both the photo it looks not at 100%.

6) Emily in the brown dress looks very good. I was surprised that this did not spoil the earthy tone of her image.

5) Although the dress itself was not very impressed, we can clearly see that the purple color suits her very.

4) Emily's dress white looks very fresh and cute.

3) In the red dress she also looks very good. But what's done with her make-up artists? Who needs to pull his hands behind a layer of concealer? These white lines under the eyes can be seen even from afar.

2) It is rare to meet a man who would not go black. As we see Emily in black looks very stylish and elegant.

1) Orange color is very insidious and is not for everyone, but she was lucky, orange it is very refreshing and makes it very attractive.

But there's outfit, in which Emily simply inimitable! This costume Wonder Woman, in which it was in my favorite TV series "Bones." All the same, it is she really goes =)


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