Film Rocked

"Cult" - a wonderful word to describe one of my favorite movies. Strong British work, mega-positive tale about the birth of rock and roll is not just as a musical direction, but rather as a radical change in the mentality of an era, a good insightful comedy about the struggle and the victory of freedom of thought, it is a simple story with both a complex idea. All of this - "Rock-wave", released in 2009 and immediately captured the hearts of millions, though, I will not speak for the others - won my heart))

Yes, emotions away, only now the facts (in my subjective evaluation). So, what did I love "Rock-wave»?

... For a retrospective. How Kaifu return again and again in those bright, naive, carefree 60s ...

... A huge amount of rock 'n' roll from the first until the last second of the film

... For the inimitable Bill Nighy

... And Otpad image Rhys Evans

... Demonstration of meanness and narrow-mindedness of the authorities

By the way, the image of the minister, the main enemy pirate radio station, one of the world history reminds?

... Awesome outfits of bright

... Two games that I have after watching the film constantly plays with friends

... For endless positive)) I love you, "Rocked»!


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