15 facts about love, you did not know:

1.Bolshinstvo people before marriage falls roughly seven times.
2.Izuchenie psyche students who had just been rejected by their lovers, they have revealed the presence of strong activity in the part of the brain that recognizes physical pain.

3.Razryv relationship often leads to "love frustration", which causes some people to love someone who abandoned them even more.

4.Termin "love" is derived from the «lubhyati» (Sanskrit), meaning "desire».

5.Evropeyskie men subconsciously prefer women, waist circumference of about 70% of the hip circumference.

6.Nekotorye people who say that have never been in love, suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare disease that does not allow a person to feel the emotion of love.

7.Obruchalnye rings are often worn on the ring finger of the left hand, as the ancient Greeks claimed that through this finger goes Vienna «amoris», or «Vienna love" that goes straight to the heart.

8.Semennaya fluid may contribute to falling in love. Studies show that semen contains dopamine ("love hormone") and norepinephrine, as well as tyrosine and amino acids that are needed for the production of brain dopamine.

9.Simvol love, Cupid (Eros or), is derived from the Chaos ("gaping hole") and is a primitive force of love and desire.

10.Psihologi argue that we often fall in love with people like our parents, with whom we have remained unresolved childhood issues. Without knowing it, we aim to solve these problems in adulthood.

11.Issledovaniya show that if a man and woman meet in an emergency situation, the probability that they love each other, much higher than if it occurred in normal circumstances, such as in the office.

12.Chem longer the period of courtship, the better the prospects for a long marriage. Those who survive the turbulent and passionate love affair in the beginning of the relationship, often divorced.

13.Zhenschiny feel loved, communicating face-to-face with your partner, men, by contrast, are experiencing emotional intimacy in communication, when they work, play, or speak, sitting next to the Lady.

14.Muzhchiny more tolerant than women when looking for a partner for short-term relationships, but more picky women, if you are going to marry.

15. In average, men around the world are married women who are three years younger than them.


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