Jokes from Google:

1. In the search engine, enter the following phrases:
do a barrel roll
zerg rush
2. While viewing any video to YouTube and stop it quickly alternately press: Right, Up. Enjoy a game of snake!

3. Dilute mess on the home page search google - 4. In the middle there is a function converter, for example, if you enter a dollar in euros, in the first place will be the course. Now ask how many parrots in BOA

5. Piano on YouTube. A video and play tsiferkami top (above the keyboard). - ..! then stop and remember about Punky 2.

6. Probably everyone knows what doodles. On holidays the Google team is trying to diversify its homepage, add flavor, so to speak. We should also pay attention to such Doodles:

* In honor of the birthday of Les Paul guitar was created in 2011. Pobrynchat and poofigevat here -
* Pac-Man game we all remember? Now you can play it and Doodle - 30th-anniversary-of-pa ..

7. But the feature in the Chinese Google. At the request of looking pictures. How it works will understand - CN / landing / shuixia

8. If you take out the requests to find something in the search because "they themselves can not", you can always use the site And the anger will pass and you can laugh

9. Google Translator enter: Good morning, Dmitry Anatolyevich or Good morning, Vladimir Vladimirovich..

10. For those who use the rss reader from Google: Google Reader while in the dial combination arrows: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. pops ninja.

P.S. In the picture form a search for people who do not have regular access to the internet. The form can freely download and print in the required amount. To obtain the results you want, just, handwritten or printed in a special field your search query, and point of interest search section (plain search, images, news, maps, etc.) and send it by mail to the head office of the corporation Google. The answer will be sent within 30 days of receipt of a search query, just by regular mail to the designated return address. Cost of service is 15 cents for each page of search results (sent no more than 100 pages per search query).



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