Are you willing to invest a few minutes to spare one hour a day for your works? So you can read the book twice in the time that you spend now on one reading? To check your email in a few minutes? To develop a variety of reports, web pages and magazines with less stress and more fun?
Make it pretty easy. All you need - is a countdown timer and a willingness to explore a new way to use your brain.

Step 1: Physical posture
Studies show that following a specific physical posture will allow you to read faster and understand more: comfortable place your feet on the floor, sit up straight and relax your shoulders completely. Do it now. Then relax your face and smile quietly - feel the difference?

Place the book at an angle of 45-60 degrees to the table or floor and slightly tilt your head down. Now you are in an ideal position for reading.

Step 2: Imagination and "technique mandarin»
Then you need to create the perfect state of mind, using the "technique of mandarin." It's a strange method, but it causes your brain to work so that you can read quickly, no matter what. Check out how this will work for you.

 - Expect success. Tell yourself that you want to get from your reading. Never read "blind". Always have a goal.

 - Pull the hand in front of him and take the imaginary tangerine. Do it right now. Imagine the color, texture, crust and maybe even a sweet, pungent odor. Then shift it in your hands and feel the weight.

 - Place the mandarin in a position slightly above and behind your head. Imagine that Mandarin hovered a few inches above your head. Lower your hand and completely relax your shoulders. Imagine that this magical tangerine always there, no matter how to move your head.

 - Close your eyes and notice how much more relaxed and alert you feel. Imagine how open your field of vision.

 - Keep this feeling and gently open your eyes. Make sure your book is positioned correctly and start reading again for 20 seconds.

 - Again, note the number of rows that you had time to read.

Does it make it easier for you to read? Whether perceived read words more easily? In most cases, the use of these two techniques can be seen increase reading speed by 50%.

Step 3: Read on the upper half
Sneak Now look at the top of the words that you read. In other words, do not focus on the full word, look only at the top. Use this technique, as you read this paragraph. Notice the difference? Most people notice that the meaning of the sentence easier to understand, slipping a look at the top of the words. This idea is based on research and actually works. Another piece of advice: when you finish reading one line, try as quickly as possible to translate the view to the next line. Thus, you should now easier to understand the whole words and phrases with the rapid reading, at the same time eliminating bad habits, such as re-reading the words and focus on individual words with pronunciation aloud.


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