Lisa Kudrow

Most, in my opinion, the best role of Lisa Kudrow - a role she played for ten years. Undoubtedly, many will support me - eccentric Phoebe Buffet from the series "Friends" was remembered and loved by many. Some still go to like clothes))) I do not know for what, but some American magazines ranked Lisa Kudrow among the most poorly dressed people in Hollywood.

One can say for sure: unless you yourself never dressed, anyhow? Or maybe you have a mood that will certainly want to pull on something such? And do it on purpose, and to spite! But I think that Lisa is not guided by malice. Or was not there a clever stylist, or it just so convenient. Lisa Kudrow herself often says that he can not get away from the image of Phoebe.

For me, the combination of yellow and pink - is generally beyond ... I saw this only in dresses la kids. One can only hope that this outfit Lisa wanted to emphasize their childlike.

Against the background of Courteney Cox Lisa looks obvious hippies - that's where the hidden nature Phoebe. The cut is excellent, but the pattern is not impressive.

No, no and no again! Toxic pink and yellow - again deuce (((


Coat like nothing. Here are just shoes for him should pick up another - for example, light beige boots with low heels. And do not unbutton.

Too lush top and bottom too narrow. No harmony. All ports puffed sleeves.

All that survived the fire ... So I would like to call this way. When I dress in a hurry, is roughly the same.

However, this is too narrow a view of the style of Lisa Kudrow. Mistakes happen at all. Let's try to dig deeper. The following photo shows Lisa wonders of taste and fashion flair. By the way, you will notice that most of it can be seen either in black or in white. Very smart decision if in doubt.

In white Lisa Kudrow changes, becomes more effective, brighter, fresher. Especially her go pantsuits, because it is high enough.

In the black of Phoebe serial no trace remains. Before us is an elegant, luxurious blonde with a unique charm.

In black and white Lisa Kudrow I like the most. But that you may not find her way too boring, it will show what can manipulate with bright shades provocative.

Lisa-fire. Like everything from design and fabric to decorative finishes. Makeup matched exactly.

Goddess of the river. Discreet dark blue hair blonde makes even brighter and a little lighter.

Disco-girl. It is a real charm. Very nice shade of pink, not "poisonous." And Lisa feels very comfortable in it!

Bright bold casual. Not everyone is so cool! The best combination of red and green.

Diva! Dress for the red carpet.

The girl from next door. To Lisa's here - the best win-win shades: blue, dark blue, white and black. Sports style mixed with a little street. Hair cleaned up - "five"!


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