Adrien Brody

Kind of looks and natural charm Adrien Brody served him well on the path to success. It is called an intellectual actor, is considered strange and arrogant, someone he disliked, others admire the size of its actors' capabilities. But one thing is clear, indifferent to his relationship, he did not know, including from women.

Adrian fell for the first time in 16 years, and, as usual, was not ready to admit it:

"On stage, I uttered a bunch of times," I love you, "to make it really turned out to be much more difficult ...»
Much easier to flirt in a fun and live without obligation. Actually, since Brody lives to this day - he was not married and has no children, and his flirtomaniya just did a goldmine for the tabloids. Adrian was in life are just a few of this love story, with plans for the future and common house ... but let's go in chronological order.

Looking ahead, in order to justify the lack of variety of photos from his youthful Passy to say that the tabloids were not particularly interested in Brody to get him an Oscar in 2002 ("The Pianist", remember?). Only after that, the paparazzi have included it in its list of vip-objects. The actor in this regard, felts with resentment, felts with irony, said:

"Famous Oscar made me rather than 17 years of work in film ...»
Brody first passion, which recognized the public, was a model and DJ Sky Nellore.

Their affair happened in the late 90s. But nothing serious for him, these relationships are not meant, but because Brody easily twisted affair with actress Monit Mazur.

With Monit they provstrechalis about a year (2001), but he also threw her before shooting "The Pianist».

Get a coveted statuette, the actor was in the midst of the universal admiration and female attention. Girls suddenly stacks fall at the feet of Brody. But he - the guy on your mind, and therefore does not lead to all this fans' adulation, and found a girl with modest external data and acting as modest luggage.

Affair with Michelle Dupont had an affair character and more like a healthy adult relationship. They went everywhere together, and seemed to be happy. But, as the actor himself is fond of saying that something is not grown together - before the shooting "Manolette" in 2006, they broke up.

In general, for Adrian processes filming and getting used to the role has always been important cases of heart. Therefore, he often broke the relationship before a long period of filming, so the rumors about office romances burst like soap bubbles when sounded the final "stop, action!". So it was with Keira Knightley ("jacket") and Penelope Cruz ("Manolette").

But that's love can not record in the table and not postponed for mezhsemochny period. While preparing for his role as a bullfighter ("Manolette") in Spain, in the classroom tutoring Adrian met with a local celebrity - model and actress Elsa Pataky.

The birth of this passion contributes to all - the atmosphere, the state of mind of the actor and, of course, the charm of the Spanish beauty. They are quite fast becoming one of Hollywood's favorite couples tabloids. Brody finally looks happy.

But, as the saying goes, "if you do not - then you." Elsa was very eccentric, but still desperately jealous lady - quarrels, scandals, unexpected visits to the set. Pataki did not give up trying to catch the faithful of treason, although the reasons for her it was not.

Adrian patiently apply to such antics and tried in every way to show your love. For example, the birthday of Elsa, he gave her a 4-storey castle in the vicinity of New York City and its reconstruction is not invited someone, and Armani.

Such a nice gesture briefly calmed the ardor of friends, and the press was waiting for an engagement announcement. And after sovmesno trip to Africa, Pataki and did said that Adrian someone with whom she wants to spend the rest of life.

However, though. In the summer of 2009, Elsa Pataky caught for a romantic lunch with Olivier Martinez in Paris. Brody did not comment, but after a couple of months Elsa has openly made it clear to the press that she had a new boyfriend.

Now the beauty meets with Chris Hemsfortom

Over the past two years, Brody attributed to some pseudo-novels, the other one is curious. First with Dzhenyueri Jones

Actor denies the relationship between them, but because in the tabloids word "friendship" is rare. Then there was the even more ridiculous "love affair" with Jennifer Aniston.

Although at the time Jen met with Gerard Butler, another Brody.

And in one of the post-party at the Cannes Festival in 2010, the actor in all flirted with Paris Hilton. The truth here initiative, they say, came from her.

In an interview after the break with Elsa Pataky Brody described his bachelor life:

"... I now live, so to speak, scattering, in youth. And that - I like it! Freedom, clubs, pranks, unloading. Around the same as many beauties! »
By the way, once Brody swore-swore that after Sky Nellore will never communicate with models. However, the male principle tend to evaporate before the youth and charm. The current passion Brody - Model Paige Hathaway.

How is it typical for men under 40!

Ps: From an interview with Adrien Brody for the magazine Esquire: «One day I almost went to vaccinia * operator. In India, I bought a motorcycle - we traveled with a friend like hell. Once I raced along the narrow road. In front rode a tuk-tuk (three-wheeled auto-rickshaw). I clung to the side of the road to overtake him and then suddenly saw a cow. She looked at me with his honest cow eyes. I pressed the brake, flew out of the saddle, flew over the handlebars and head-first flew straight back to the cow. But the cow dodged, and I fell to the asphalt. I remember I was lying and thought: Damn, what could be funny death! »

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