Actors in uniform

The man in the form of a woman has always been associated with the defender, who wants to see in her a young man each. Fragile, small and defenseless by and large the ladies man must protect, and rightly say that the stronger sex - is primarily a support. Very, very many good qualities (and I'm not exaggerating) is a male, but their courage above all else, and therefore so popular in Hollywood is the use of this feature. Most often for effect, and pretty well-built actors dress in uniforms and make them not just heroes, men and women of dreams, introducing them to our fair trial. Who are the actors of the "hottest" up to you ...

While Lady Gaga carries nonsense, arguing that with 15 years suffering from anorexia (with its some forms!), Her boyfriend Taylor Kinney nothing sick and healthy so that he got the role of fire in a new US TV series "Chicago Fire».

Green (in all senses of the word) Tom Cruise on the set of the movie "Top Gun" in 1986. In principle, since then, little has changed and Tomych still saves all his films in a row. Rumor has it that prepares the second part of the "Arrow».

Leonardo DiCaprio is always surrounded by beautiful girls in the movie "Catch Me If You Can" too. The pilot and ten flight attendants sent to another raid above the clouds.

The commander of the "sea battle" Alexander Skarsgard is very good. We see time laying there, even in extreme conditions.

Jeremy Renner did not know, but that is his character in the film "The Hurt Locker».

Comedy "macho and nerdy" so pleased with the audience that will soon begin shooting the second part. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill probably again play a game of "cloakroom».

A little screen time in the film "Inglorious Bastards", but a vivid image of Brad Pitt! Something new for him and for us, because when you see more in the form of Brad? Beautiful and horrible at the same time.

Michael Fassbender in the same film.

Marine Jake Gyllenhaal prespokoynenko reading a book, and spectators in front of screens do not find a place for himself.

Chris Payne in the movie "Star Trek».

Simple Russian (oops!) Was an American soldier Matt Damon starring in the role of Ryan from the movie "Saving Private Ryan».

Infantryman Adrien Brody does not issue from the hands of a gun in the movie "The Thin Red Line».

The standard of masculinity on the screen - Bruce Willis. In the movie "Tears of the Sun", he once again proved that he can wear camouflage.

Rookie Charlie Sheen on "Platoon».

Military uniforms fit Chris Evans is much more than a superhero costume. Shot from the movie "The First Avenger»:

Independent Will Smith in "Independence Day»:

Obayashka in the Naval Academy "Duel" - James Franco.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his "War on compulsion».

Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel perfectly fit into the picture of "Transformers 2».

Almost the same shape, but how different it looks on the men!

Ryan Phillippe in the film "Flags of Our Fathers» ...

... And Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan».


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