True actors

Some actors are ready for their role in the deal. They tend to get used to "hide" their heroes at the famous Stanislavsky that do things they are not typical. For example, Shia LaBeouf is busy in the film "Rage" on the American squad in Nazi Germany at the end of the Second World War, which proceeds to a difficult mission. To fully get used to the role of a soldier, who many days left the trench, Shia does not take a bath and decided to pull out a tooth (like his hero). Unfortunately, his thoughts did not understand colleagues, particularly Brad Pitt and directed by David Ayer, who urged him to wash. To once again not to annoy the members of the crew team, LaBeouf decided to move out of his trailer to a nearby hotel, but take a bath, apparently he refused. We hope the result will be worth it, but for now we present to you the actors who also give serious consideration to their role.

Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis on filming biopic "Lincoln" almost did not get out, even copied the language of the time. Moreover, Field Day-Lewis saw only the image of Lincoln ever without makeup. As a result, Sally was nominated for "Oscar" and Daniel became a triumph of last year's ceremony.

Anne Hathaway decided on a radical transformation of the way in emaciated Fantine in "Les Miserables", using a proven method. The evening before the shooting of one of the key scenes in the picture, it is deliberately not just apply to the bottle, allowing it to look "less vigorous and much older than his age." As a result, Anne received the "Oscar».

Robert De Niro before the shooting in the movie "Taxi Driver", spent several weeks in the fleet, having received this license taxi driver. The award was nominated for "Oscar».

Renee Zellweger for the comedy "Bridget Jones's Diary" is not just acquired English accent and overweight. She got a job as an intern at one of the London publishing under the pseudonym of Bridget Cavendish, and worked there for three weeks before the start of filming. Rene also received a nomination for "Oscar" and the obvious love of the audience.

Adrien Brody, receiving role in the film "The Pianist", sold an apartment and a car, and then went to live in Europe, with only two bags. To fully comply with the image of Wladyslaw Szpilman, Brody lost weight, as well as four hours a day devoted study piano. Due to such a serious relationship, Adrian began to become the youngest actor ever to win the "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor».

Billy Bob Thornton gained fame for his role as released from a psychiatric clinic killer Karl Childers in "Sling Blade." For the sake of creating a peculiar gait hero Billy before each scene poured myself into the shoes of broken glass. Every step was an actor with difficulty, but the suffering experienced in no small measure contributed to his nomination for "Oscar».


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