Physiognomy — the whole truth on the tip of the nose

Physiognomy considers at least 24 symptom belonging to the nose. And it's 576 possible combinations! Looking at the nose of the interlocutor, you can better understand its owner. Understand what features immediately attract attention and clear for interpretation

From the expert German Teplyakov, doctor, teacher, psychologist, specialist of higher qualification in the field of medical and psycho-visual diagnosis:— Scientists are still arguing about the mysteries of human origins. According to one theory, our ancestors lived on the banks of ponds and produce their own food in the water. So people have lost their hairline, which prevented him from swimming, got subcutaneous fat to keep warm in the water and perfected a device that allows you to search for food, the nose. Nose — a wonderful gift of nature. It may be small and large, narrow and wide, straight and aquiline. In all cases, this wonderful body makes a person unique, giving it its special charm and uniqueness.The length of the nose

The Lorenzo Villoresi

Man with long nose (example — an outstanding contemporary perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi of) thorough, knows how to appreciate beautiful and delicious things. Attaches great importance to the aesthetic side of the question. Well versed in high fashion and Haute cuisine. Possessor of an elongated nose should not be rushed — on the contrary, we must try to pick up its pace. Where you want the gift of diplomacy, long-nosed people will simply irreplaceable.


Thirty million three hundred forty seven thousand five hundred ninety two

Daniella Westbrook

Holders of short noses (for example — British actress and TV presenter Daniella Westbrook) more specific prefer to get information quickly and directly, in a compact form, the beauty of the packaging when this special value will not have. Give out information such people in the same way — quickly and compactly. However, not always politely — that, however, by korotkoactute perceived as a revelation. Is it possible to be offended by the truth? And again, people with short noses is priceless, if you want the ability to quickly navigate and make a decision.

And now the question is: what is the length of the nose better suited sommelier, and what — fire?

With a hump and without

Paris hilton

Straight nose (for example — a famous party girl Paris Hilton) is peculiar to people with the same straightforward character. To agree with them, as a rule, the simpler initial conditions, they do not change.


Nine million nine hundred thirty two thousand two hundred two

Adrian Brody

Another thing — the nose (for example — actor Adrian Brody). The owners of such noses are very fickle, they constantly come up with new ideas, forcing you to change the path and, alas, sometimes to deviate from earlier agreements. If your child has a hooked nose, you should not ask him for two weeks before my birthday, what kind of cell phone he wants as a gift — each day will be made public new version of "the list".

Always remember that a person with a hump on the nose is characterized by very sensitive egos. If in conversation with him you notice that he started to RUB his hump, you know you inadvertently touched it.

So the question is: you write a contract all the details or just believe in the word of a man with a hump on the nose?

Nostimo, the width of the nostrils is judged on the degree of vitality of a person (sometimes called temperament). Indeed, people with wide nostrils are able at once to absorb more air, which serves as our species homo sapiens is the dominant species of "fuel".

Twenty five million five hundred five thousand three hundred forty

Mikhail Pugovkin

People with wide nostrils (for example — actor Mikhail Pugovkin) is on the rise, quickly ignited and... alas, deflates quickly. Long-term program — not its theme. Such people best suited technique "eat the elephant" when the big task is to consistently small fragments.

Eighty six million ninety five thousand two hundred fifty one

Roald Amundsen

Narrow nostrils (example — traveler Roald Amundsen) give its owner a measured and balanced. Such a person is by nature capable of continuous operation at a continuous pace. In other words, if the wide nostrils better suited term "Sprinter", narrow the nostrils is always a Stayer.

Business objective: which is more suitable for startup and which to implement a long-term project?

The ridge of the nose

Seventy five million one hundred thirty eight thousand four hundred fifty



The narrow ridge of the nose (for example, the Central Asian conqueror Tamerlane) belongs to the people sharp, sometimes hot-tempered, always ready to rush into battle. In combination with the eagle nose — an explosive mixture! With such people it is necessary to agree on all issues in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, eliminating stress and strife.

One million eight hundred thousand five hundred ninety seven

Steve Wozniak


A broad ridge of the nose (for example — one of the founders of Apple Steve Wozniak) gives natures peace-loving, kind, sincere. These characters are always looking for (and successfully find!) peaceful solution of the most ambiguous situations. Possess a rare gift not only to avoid conflicts but also to suppress them in the beginning.

Question: if you have to go into space flight, how the ridge of the nose, you'll want to choose a neighbor in the space station?

The bridge of the nose

Monica Lewinsky

A broad nose (for example — the infamous Monica Lewinsky) inclines a person to research behavior. In science, psychology and practice of inquiry is a valuable quality, but in ordinary life may lead to conflicts. In addition, people with this sometimes difficult goal-setting — they need to help with targeting.


Eighty eight million four hundred forty five thousand two hundred thirty six

Prince Charles

Narrow the bridge of the nose (example — Prince Charles) provides an excellent goal-setting and predictable quality to others behavior. Although... not always openness in the behavior is pleased with their frankness of those who were near.

Task: which bridge would you prefer to choose the head of security your Corporation?

The tip nosamo this basis, looking at how people neat and able to delve into the details.

Seventy five million three hundred thirty seven thousand one hundred twenty eight

Steve Jobs

Remember Steve jobs, whose nose was sharp as a beak. Jobs paid exceptional attention to every detail of every device produced by his firm. If you are going to negotiate with pointed toes, get ready for what he wants to know the smallest details pertaining to the case. And if the sharp tip of the nose turned out to be your marriage partner, pedantry around will be your constant companion.

Ninety five million two hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred seventy eight

Gerard Depardieu

The blunt tip of the nose (like, say, Gerard Depardieu) gives the person much more important than the overall picture than the small details. Hence the not so great attention to order and the reluctance to delve into the details. Do not expect from a man of deep intelligence and thoroughness is not in his nature. But it is useful where it is necessary to act quickly and "in broad strokes".

Ninety four million two hundred ninety three thousand four hundred sixty

Scarlett Johansson

Snub-nosed people (for example — actress Scarlett Johansson) — most of the open and optimistic nature, with cheerful and easy disposition. They prefer to enjoy today, not thinking about the future. Another thing, if the tip of the nose to hang down down (example — the owner of Microsoft bill gates). In ancient and medieval treatises on physiognomy, this symptom was noted as a nose for money. This really is something there. The man with the tip of the nose will not always be a millionaire, but in almost all cases has some special talent that can be successfully monetized.

Question: what shape of nose do you prefer to choose your personal financial adviser?

Author: German Teplyakov



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