Star noses

Gift of nature or wizard?

The most beautiful women in the world has been accused of plastic sensual lips, and in vain, because her lips were on your own. But the nose after the operation at the beginning of a career broad nose Angelina Jolie has become much thinner.

The legacy of the Greek father of Jennifer Aniston got a classic Greek nose. Is it any wonder that at the first opportunity, she decided to give it up!

Let the wife of Ashton Kutcher and goes on to say that her beauty is given to her by nature images from different years suggest otherwise. To maintain a youthful Demi Moore not only did a facelift, but also ventured to rhinoplasty.

"The most beautiful woman on the planet" is proud of its African-American roots. But who knows, could Halle Berry an affair with a 007, if at the time did not adjust the shape of the nose!


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