"Nevsky Express" (35 photos)

"Nevsky Express", which housed 681 people, was undermined in 21.34 on the stretch Aleshinka-Uglovka (Tver region) October Railway. The explosion, which occurred under the locomotive, with the last four derailed train car. Particularly strong were damaged last two wagons, which are dragged along the embankment a few hundred meters.

The attack killed 25 people, 90 were in hospitals, six were missing. A few hours after the first explosion when the scene inspecting the chairman of the investigative committee at the Prosecutor's Office Alexander Bastrykin, triggered the second bomb. The method of double undermine, according to "Kommersant", is actively used by North Caucasian militants, so they became the main suspects in the case of the largest terrorist attack on a train in the history of modern Russia.


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