A passenger train from Moscow to St. Petersburg derailed (2 photos + video)

In the Novgorod region at 21:43 on the stretch Okulovka-Malaya Vishera derailed passenger train No. 166 Moscow - St. Petersburg "Nevsky Express". According to recent reports, the victims do not. The accident occurred near the bridge on the 179th kilometer of the October Railway. The train was due to arrive in St. Petersburg in 23 hours. According to a source in the Railways, the train speed at the time of the accident was about 180 kmchas. The reason for the catastrophe - "external influence". In place of the vanishing train discovered crater. According to the Ministry of Transport, derailed all cars except the first, ie, 12. In this case, three cars overturned. The train is on one side. This is probably due to the fact that the accident occurred when the train was moving at high speed.


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