That's what the shape of the nose can tell us about your character!

< Physiognomy - a method of determining the qualities of personality and mental state for external facial features and facial expressions. Originated reading face art in ancient China during the time of Confucius has been extremely popular.

The Chinese believe that those who learn read the face , will be able to penetrate into the soul of man, and even to see his fate

! The nose - it is the most prominent part of our face, he asks the person and creates the proportion of the balance. Therefore, as physiognomists say, to determine the nature of the face on the nose should pay attention in the first place. Check that your nose can tell you!

character on the nose
Roman nose

The long nose with a slightly curved tip down talks about courage, determination, courage of its owner. A man with such a nose capable hesitate to take tough decisions, has an analytical mind, easily lifted up the career ladder.

The fleshy nose

People with these noses are endowed with creative abilities. They are passionate and charming, generous and intelligent, always ready to come to the rescue, protect, help ... Women with this type of nose - excellent housewife and caring mother.

snub nose

These are people with a great sense of humor, optimistic in life. The sensual nature, they are subject to frequent mood swings, but the charm almost from the first minute dating!

Greek nose

Hardworking and serious people. They are always sure he is right, and even tend to show some stubbornness. But behind the seeming inaccessibility lies very vulnerable nature that needs praise and approval.

snub nose

Snub nose snub different from the fact that the tip of his more rounded and fleshy. Faced with a man with a snub nose, inevitably imbued confidence in him. These people literally radiate reliability and peace of mind, have the gift of eloquence, always ready to help ... often to the detriment of their interests.

Perhaps that is why the owners of the snub-nosed noses are always so many friends and acquaintances!

aquiline nose

It is born businessmen! They have a special flair for money and unmistakably conclude deals. And it's great teachers who are ready to give all of themselves to work.

A small nose

Short nose says about the nature of the flexibility of its owner, the ability to compromise. These people are open, optimistic and attractive, but at the same time very vulnerable and need support and encouragement.

Direct nose

People with a strong character and a clear mind, have an exceptional aesthetic perception, a profound understanding of the art and all that is beautiful. In the professional field are confident the goal and succeed!

Art in the face of reading diverts our body smell an important role in determining the vitality, intelligence and sensuality, and health. Now you have a reason to look at her in a new way: find out more about them!

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