Heath Ledger

You are ... What was terrific actor. Do not even want to say "was" in my heart he will always be. I sincerely love this talented man. It is unfortunate that fate would have it that he left this world ... To be honest, do not want to talk about his death, because indeed for many it is still alive. Alive in his brilliant diverse roles ... Let's look at it - the sun and the smiling man with pure naive eyes, when he was still with us and find out what was hidden in the soul of Heath, thanks to excerpts from the interview.

I have never had any money, and I was very happy without them. When
I die, my money will not be necessary for me. My movies will live -
for people to judge how I was a man. I just want to stay
a subject of interest. ©

And that's what I remind myself all the time: no matter what everyone says, no matter what they say about you personally, regardless of any problems, life here (pointing to his heart) - is that I had initially, that I will, that I will always cherish.

If you always do only the right choice, you are depriving themselves of the opportunity to grow further.
When something sits firmly in my head, or something very strong worries me, I just imagine that I was sitting on Mars and looking at the Earth from crazy heights. That's when you stop being afraid. Then you feel no pain. When you realize that you're nobody, then your problems seem insignificant.

Never give up on what makes you smile.

I do not have any special technique. And I never even believed in such things. There are no rules about acting, I play on pure instinct.

Baby changes your life in all aspects - for the better, of course. The victims, of course, great, but in return you get so much more. In a sense, I feel that I am ready to die, because my life has been going on in her daughter.
Matilda charming, delightful, well-educated and wise. Michelle and I, we love her very much. Becoming a father has surpassed all my expectations. This - the most wonderful experience I have ever had - it's amazing.
My life right now, I would not say not that fixated only on food, but my duty in life is at the moment that I wake up, cook breakfast, wash the dishes, cook dinner, wash the dishes, go shopping at the store, buy fresh produce, cook dinner, wash the dishes and then go to sleep if I can. And I love it. I actually love it.

All artists have one big problem - we are all alleged to be a brilliant actor. But in fact, most of us - full of crap. Realizing this, we can achieve the best results.

I like to do something that scares me. I think the world is too good to me, I do not deserve what I have. I think I'm fooling all, and sooner or later will reveal the deception.

Difficult to grow in the early years under the spotlight. When we were only 20 years old, you can touch it, too, we are very impulsive and rebellious. And so I'm very protective of his personal life. Virtually every so would behave in this age. And I was like any other man, at this stage of his life. So that's the way it was recorded my personal development.

Just need perseverance and confidence that you can do it, self-confidence, and loyalty to his goal. It was very difficult, but I have no particular method, I do not know what you can advise people to make the path easier.

What? Of course, I do not like the idea of ​​death! But if I'm really too young to die, I hope to be able to perform enough things to remember me ...

I do not plan anything, I live in the present, not the past or the future.

It should be fun. Singing, dancing. Dance as if no one is watching at you. The reason that you sing and dance - is to make the audience feel that singing and dancing themselves. This can be achieved only when you get pleasure from the process and give 100% ... But as soon as it all disappear - joy, friendship - I'll just take and go. It's not that hard.

You know, in my opinion, everything is relative, especially a success. Then it really was my luck. And above all, because I was shooting with his idol. We began a very close relationship of trust ... I would just brought a meal on the set, where he is working. Well, now we will work on the film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" with Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits and aspiring actress, model Lily Cole. Then there will be shooting "Tree of Life", well then ... I just Ruhnu to the ground dead. For a year or so.

Portrait of Heath Ledger, written shortly before his death, a close friend:


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