Masako Mizutani

How old would you give this pretty and cute an Asian? 20? Maybe 25? In fact, this girl is already over 40. Her name is Masako Mizutani, she is a former model and now is not quite "ordinary" housewife. All Japan, but Japan, the whole world, just shocked by the news that Masako is already 43 years old, she is the mother of two children, but it looks like only 20!

Of course, none of us has any desire to grow old, and always wants to look decent and beautiful, especially the aging is not happy girls who are often depressed, knowing that beauty begins to fade with time. And that is why in the pursuit of beauty and youth we purchase all of the most effective in our opinion cream and make costly procedures. So does the 43-year-old Masako, with the only difference being that in the personal care she takes no time and not even two, but 5 hours a day. Careful skin care is the secret of youth Mizutani.

In general, if we consider the former model Mizutani, as one of the Japanese women, this wonder about its young little face just should not be, because, as you know, Asians grow old very peculiar:

Pushed so to say "retired" Mizutani leads his own blog, because it is very popular in Japan and many girls want to know more about it. The Internet is not so much of her photographs, and many do believe that this "substitution" and on most shots daughter Masako, not herself. It is said that in the photo below left Masako and her daughter right here (do not know if it's true or not):

Oh, and here is her blog - (in reference to the year of birth was not even a woman)

BUT the video below exactly Masako itself (compare and draw conclusions):

Eternal youth in Japan is not nonsense, because recently popularized firmly entrenched Japanese idiom "witch beauty" to describe the appearance of the women who are older than 35, but look at this only 20. Well, one of the most exciting (yet) representatives of this category of Japanese ladies is just Masako Mizutani.


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