Look closely

Take a good look at these two girls:

Do you think that's why I decided to compare these two completely different from the mean girls?

It's simple - it's the same woman, only in different time intervals.

When I saw these photos, they impressed me. I thought that this can not be! That from a girl:

Turn into this:

It's amazing! Also because in my environment has plump girl, and I always listen to them whine about the fact that to lose weight - it's extremely difficult. And here is that such cases - out of the ordinary and exceptions. But exceptions prove the rule - if not destined to be a model looks, what would you not do anything you do not come out. However Taralinn - the usual, most ordinary girl! And she was able to do it.

When Taralinn was little, she was plump.

However, at some point it all got sick, and she decided to take himself in hand and begin to lead a different lifestyle. However, from a passion for baking Taralinn and could not refuse!

And now, thanks to a new life-style girl looks that way. Her boyfriend Jeremy soul in it worships, girlfriend jealous, and my mother always tries to be in a form that does not yield the palm of his daughter.

What is the secret? What is this new lifestyle? Can not you guess? Here's a hint:

And more ...

Of Course! All elementary - a healthy lifestyle. Could there be something simpler?

That advises Taralinn to embark on the path of healthy lifestyles?

1. Find your motivation. To communicate with those who support healthy lifestyles.

2. Relaxation and exercise. The proper dosage and order of both. Music to help you!

3. Sugar free / fat free. Skim usually does not differ from the product rich in fat. So sugar and fat should leave.

4. Most of the carbohydrates and calories should come from fruits and vegetables. But certainly not all.

5. and proteins: egg whites and white meat. Try to avoid red meat.

6. Prepare food without adding salt and masa.

7. Low-fat milk and yogurt are useful.

8. For a while, give up dried fruits, nuts and peanuts. Yes, the food is good for your health, but at first it will make weight loss more difficult.

9. Do not eat after 18:00 until 9:00.

10. Drink lots and lots of water!

11. Fastfut, of course, you eliminate from your life. Also exclude mayonnaise, sauces, butter - in general everything that can be a source of extra and unnecessary calories.

12. Start your day with a half grapefruit.

13. Of course, arrange themselves once a week - the day of gluttony! On this day, you are allowed to eat all your favorite stuff, but there is one rule:
- Disgusting on calories should fit into your daily schedule.

Read more about the new life-style can be found in his personal blog Taralinn - undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/dietplan

Like a healthy diet if you want to be Taralinn.


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