Lara Marsden

I think that many people would like to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were together until his death, to adopt children from Africa, but people close to the star couple have repeatedly told reporters that not everything is in the Danish kingdom. Brad and Angie are not seen in months, and their family idyll - no more than an illusion for the fans, because the popularity of each of them is largely held through spouse. It is not surprising that journalists all the time trying to catch any of them for treason. Angie has not yet pierced, but Brad is not so long ago, "glued" affair with a girl named Lara Marsden (James Marsden to it has nothing to do)

Lara came close to the most beautiful man of the planet (now that title away from him, but past achievements has not been canceled) in the summer, when filming "World War Z" were in full swing. Pitt hired her to a post of personal assistant himself (!). 25-year-old Lara went on the heels of the star and, according to witnesses, even alone with him in the dressing room. True or journalists embellished the facts, I do not know, but people talk about it. About Lara Marsden wrote many "yellow" publications, including Journal Star. And as if on purpose Marsden intriguing journalists to all requests to talk about the relationship with Pitt answers "No comment!ยป

It has long been rumored that Brad and Angie have not lived as husband and wife, both have lovers. Can it be true, and the first "punctured" Brad? Here's a little personal photo Lara Marsden. As you can see, it is not as hand-written beauty, as Jolie, but she's a girl "with a twinkle," and the much younger. Brad could not quite resist.

In light of the recent divorce, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher all suggestive. Indeed, in the beginning, hardly anyone would have thought that because of some stupid blondie collapse strong marriage Moore and Kutcher. What will happen if this Lara Marsden wants to raise money and to talk to reporters about Pitt? Let's hope that she would not do it)))


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