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54-year-old actor Steve Buscemi in spite of its unsightly appearance enjoys quite serious popular among modern cinema lovers. We've learned that virtually all the actors - the written handsome, but Steve is far from their only this, because acting talent Buscemi enough on several cute young idols. Buscemi almost always gets the minor, but the expressive role. So it can be seen in the movie "Reservoir Dogs," "Miller's Crossing," "The Big Lebowski" and "Armageddon" And if it appears on the screen, it is impossible to forget. Few people know that in the years 1980-84, Steve worked as a New York firefighter and save lives, but it also reinforces respect for him. What to tell a great actor, with the work which is to get to know, just as with his view of the world.

Of all the articles about myself that I have ever read, I really like the one where I called the cinematic equivalent of spam. I do not know what they mean, but it sounds nishtyak.

Let's first deal with my name. In fact, I myself say Busemi. But the correct Italian pronunciation - Buscemi. However, to understand this, I had to fly to Sicily.
Most of all, I think I look like a tree.
I like people, torn from within. But not passion - wrestling. I like those people who are uncomfortable in society. Who feel their foreignness. That's what I want people to see me in the slips scenarios. Because I did this.

Every time I offer a new script, I immediately look in the end, to understand - whether my character to humiliate or just for a quick finish off.
Most of all I like the way I killed in "The Big Lebowski" - very suddenly.
Even after I had played a couple of roles in film, my main job of the fire remained. I've worked in the fire brigade, and this meant that on arrival it was I had to unwind the hose.

If you took at least one film - it is already enough to dying smile. But, I'm dying, I want to laugh out loud.
I get lost when I go to the circuit and hear the artist and editor talking about shades of green in the new film.
I have always respected directors who are able to earn a living only one director's work.

I can only repeat the words of Hitchcock: to shoot a good movie, you need three things: the script, the script and the script.
It does not matter where does the inspiration. At least until then, while you arrange its fruits.
I always wanted to adopt me, Robert Altman. I remember when I shot him in the "Kansas City," he said, "You know, because I do not care if the movie does not work at the box office and a dime, because success - this is what you understand by the word."

A good audience - it is always a good audience. Even if you are only six.
Tarantino and Coen are very similar. They are willing to listen to you, nod, and make it so that everyone on the site will seem that he also takes part in making the film. But then they still do things his own way.
The world is unfair. In prisons, for example, practically did not show films about prisons. Especially if there is a scene of the shoot.

I always liked that I was born on Friday the thirteenth.
Once I met Mickey Rourke. We shook hands, and then suddenly he says, "You know what? Do not dress like a pi ***, if you go to the Los Angeles airport. " I say, "Well, Mickey, I understand you." And he said: "Yes, no, dude, I imagine».
I do not like when the actors say their work - it's not just the ability to learn and to play the role. And then what the hell is this?

The money I do not like only one thing - how they change people. More effective than cancer, I think.
Always wanted to know what the blind can see in my dreams.

I'm not so often sung for someone. In truth, if ever.
What else can I say? Hello. This is Steve.


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