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Internet users have gone now progressive, even their mothers are pushing for active participation in the virtual communities. So one of the copywriters (specialists in the creation of advertising slogans and articles) pleaded with her elderly mother to take part in his project, which carries the weight of truisms networking. She had little to pose with placards on which were written the excellent instruction for all who use social networks. Now users of "Facebook", "Twitter", "Classmates", "VKontakte" armed and dangerous, because they know they can and can not do on social networks. I must admit that advice really good and can take note. In addition to instruction on social networks, there is also a couple of other valuable comments.

"Do not put" Like "your own post. You look pathetic. »

"The girls sleep with guys who use Photoshop, and get married for those who work with Excel.»

"Never buy the first product Apple, wait for the next model, they will correct all errors.»

"Remember: real friends never write" Happy Birthday! "On your wall.»

"Do not believe everything that you write on your blog - literature.»

"Do not worry about the number of views. Comments are much more important. »

"Anyone who writes about the status of the relationship" It's complicated "is referring to" I need someone better ».»

"Close your Facebook, when you leave the computer, if you do not want problems.»

"Believe me, followers does not mean friends. And vice versa. »

"Remember: people who have icons instead of pictures on the profile, in fact terrible.»

"No matter what they say. Your children will never be your friends in any social network. »

"Do not think that the button« Reload »has the ability to speed up the time.»

"Take a friend request from her mother when ready to commit suicide.»

"Listen son: Twitter the same status to Facebook, only more bizarre.»


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