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Prominent models often marry anyone not well-known businessmen, so the case Alessandra Ambrosio is not out of the ordinary. A world-class model for 7 years living with California businessman Jamie Mazur, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, adorable Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur, and is now waiting for the second child. Apparently this pair still great, even despite the lack of a stamp in the passport, which is only a formality. He - the eternal bride, she - the eternal bride, and their daughter, Anya - the fruit of their long-running love.

Alessandra and her future husband met in civilian 2005 and ever since they were inseparable. Ale, as they call her friends and family, does not hide the fact that she is very fond of his father to his daughter, and he in turn admires his wife every moment. Even the photographs of paparazzi sparks between them to hide.

Jamie and Alessandra:

Although photo AMROS often appears with his close friend, gay Mateusz Mazzaferoy (I used to think that he is her husband). Love relationships, as you know, between him and there can not be, but society Mateusz nice model. Most likely, the husband is busy at work, and he did not really want to shine in front of cameras. Life behind closed doors - this is ideal for the businessman. Still, if they are waiting for a second baby and rare photos cuddling, holding hands and just light up, then I guess they have everything perfectly.

Now, of course, about celebrity-girl Anna Louise Ambrosio Mazur, who was born on August 24, 2008. She was born a little early, but it is absolutely healthy and very colorful appearance. The girl is charming and bright. I do not even know what she looks more like - to dad or mom, but the fact that it is extremely interesting appearance - a fact.

Baby Anne:

Family photo:

Unfortunately, more information about Anna-Louise, I could not find, but found the excerpts from an interview with her mother, who told a little about motherhood and her daughter.

How motherhood changed you, Alessandra?

Now, I do not think only of themselves, as it was before. For my daughter - the whole world. If I go to the store, the first thing I'm going to the children's department to buy something for her.
What are the distinctive features have Ani?

When she was little, she just loved her little feet, and constantly considered them. Also, she sucked his big finger on a hand, and I honestly thought it was the cutest thing in the world.
You like to be a mother?

Of course! I have a daughter and I spend with her most of their time. I want to see how it grows. I want to see how it develops.
Recent photos of Ani:

As for the wedding to Jamie Alessandra he says that they are still thinking, but the wedding may take place after the birth of her second child. Ambrosio said that the men she likes certainty and Jamie it is. In addition, Alessandra says Mazur with love she feels a real woman.

Model Family.


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