Fairy-tale nonsense for boys and girls

Magazine "Misha" for boys and girls from 7 to 12 years blew my mind. Among the authors of this monthly illustrated edition has a hellish author who smokes obviously something hellish before writing his hellish evergreens. I do not know how many children have turned gray, reading his delirium, but, say, "Home Nightmares" printed in №8 / 2011 struck me to the heart. Briefly retell, with quotes (highlighting these or italics) and pictures.

I woke up the girl Anna in the morning, looks, and a blanket - a snake. Anya come to shout, and then looked closer, no, it is a regular strap. "No sooner had Anya how to calm down, when suddenly the TV turns on by itself. And he began to show the criminal chronicle. & lt; ... & gt; Looks Anya and her apartment is on the TV show; Anya and she on TV
killed because her kitchen knife between the shoulder blades sticking ».
In general, Anna jumps in horror, and the parents not at home. And on the kitchen table a note: "My daughter, we do not seek and do not worry. Breakfast is in the fridge. " Anne climbed into the refrigerator, and there's nothing there. "One only raw potato in one corner lay. She took the potato Anya and started it with a knife to clean, to cook and eat. A potato as a
zavereschit inhuman voice:
 - Help-and-and-and-ite! Reeeeezhut! .. »

Anna was frightened, she dropped the potato and the knife. Murphy immediately known where rolled away, and the knife floating in the air, then looked sharp blade to Anya and flew to the attack. Anna remembered the picture on television and come to skedaddle.
Locked herself in the bathroom, a knife knocked on the door and departed. And Anna, meanwhile, has decided to take a swim and got into the bath. But then the storm began, went over the bath huge waves. Anya was tightened, cross the ledge and drowned. Carefully he opened the door, looking - knife nowhere, and night fell, although only it was morning.
Well, it is logical reasons stoned author, once night fell, then have to go to sleep. Anya lay under a blanket, and it was the lead and almost crushed it into a cake. Anna got out and think: no, better to sit in a chair. He sat in the chair, and it took off, rammed the window with the girl and sped away into the darkness.
Obkurennyh author, clearly pleased with himself, the last time dipped the pen in ink and finished the final: "And it is there where it flew with Anya - up there? .. Down there? .. - It's me, my little readers and readers is unknown. I'm here only about the nightmares and horrors of domestic telling, not about street ».
That's how it is. Seems to me, the author not only smoked, but not before experienced a deep creative crisis, during which several times unsuccessfully tried to be killed on the wall. But the authors of the earth to the guys, another offensive - is always
editor, ready to print on. Maybe they smoked together?
Oh, and if anyone wants to fully enjoy the original - here:

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