Personal photos of stars: Anna and Noah Ambrosio-Mazur

Famous Brazilian top model - Alessandra Ambrosio and her husband Jamie Mazur businessman constitute one of the strongest and most beautiful couples among the stars. Attention to this pair continues unabated for several years, and after the birth of a daughter and a son of interest to them and does tripled. And indeed Alessandra not pumped off, maintaining a positive image of a successful model and mother with the help of social networks, which tells about the happy moments in the lives of their children and happy to share the new frames.

Bright moments in the life of the family Ambrosio-Mazur often become subjects for the new photo to Instagram:

Judging from the photos, the ability to pose Ani in the blood. In the frame of the baby looks as effectively and with ease, like her mother - a professional model.

Anya is as smiling as her mom - Alessandra:

Little in the way cats Anya:

"Family for me - the most important thing, and I'm happy to increase the family. I am lucky that I have a loving family that supports me, "- said Alessandra during her second pregnancy in an interview with the American edition.

The birth of a son was for couples joyful event. Alessandra herself calls her son Noah to as "the sweetest boy in the world».

Alessandra with her babies:

Joint leisure mom and son begins with breakfast:

"I try as much as possible to attach children to walk and teach them to enjoy childhood and carefree" - said Alessandra. & Quot;

Anya and Alessandra, like the ideal mother and daughter, many joint interests:

Anya prepares to take over the "baton" mom and in the future engage in advertising swimsuits:

Two mothers and two daughters:

Supermodel easy to cope with the role of a super-mom, doing not only his career but also the children. On belief model, the best holiday - a holiday with the family:

"I like to wake up and have breakfast with the kids something that we cook at home, and then go to them and our adorable puppy Lola for a walk. We love to play in the pool in the backyard and study nature, or go to the beach and play the ball. Generally all the entertainment outside the home are perfect "- told Alessandra & quot;

Alessandra and her kids - real football fans:

Touching brotherly-sisterly love:

Beautiful family portrait of a beautiful and happy family:

Alessandra and her bunnies:


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