Ponty in an adult

The end of the nineties of the last century. One of the towns of Lugansk region. In the town of industrial facilities - mine. One for all. And the leadership decides to provide for themselves, favorite and mobile phones. On the economic desirability of such action quietly keep silent and go to the story. Without much pomp it was acquired by the base station and ten phones. Well, for the "top" management of the mine, as you might imagine.
And in one of the wonderful summer evenings, when the central square near the stall sells ale and other intoxicating and refreshments, going to the local elite. Standing, said el use and tinder, that is, sorry, discussing the secular news of the settlement. Suddenly, in the sultry haze that materialized near the kiosk of the iron horse one of the leaders. Crawls, therefore, is the trunk of his pepelatsa vperevalochku and with awareness of the importance the moment taxis to nearby stall, which sells bread and other grub. It lists the order. It comes to bread. Seller wondered what kind of bread sir prefer at this time of day.
There comes a moment of truth. Man incredibly artistic, God knows where peeped gesture, remove the pipe from his pocket. He dials the number. And trying to clarify a person, on the other side of the link this complex issue. But. The base station was bought only one. Communication - nikakuschaya. VIP frantically begins to move over the area in search of the point of contact, occasionally shouting hysterically into the phone. But it was clearly not his night. So not having achieved a connection acceptable, people spat annoyed, took the purchased products and drove off in their VIP-important matters.
On the basis of the then rates for mobile communications, he uttered something like this on the carriage of coal. But the show-off - they are. Price does not matter.


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