MILLIONAIRE on the costs of "Ponte"

"The budget of our family of four - 42-46 thousand. Rub. a month "(Magazine" Kommersant Secret Companies », №7 (323), 02.07.2012)

A couple of years ago we were with Max Protasov (owner of the holding "Pomidorprom" .- SF) celebrated the New Year in France. The restaurant was a mandatory dress code. Maxim forced me to buy a set of suit, shirt and shoes. Then I once spent 450 euros. The special situation for me: I usually buy three suits every three to five years at the factory "Bolshevik" all they cost 12-15 thousand. Rub. As a man of frugal, still I remember this event Max.

Telephone, car, apartment or clothing can not be a fetish. For normal people can not. Of course, the idea of ​​a "show-off more money" is taking place so far, though, thank God, almost came to naught personal protection, cool cars, and secretary to the fourth the size of the breast. But periodically bursts some garbage in their heads occur when people start to believe that any thing can be an indicator of status. For my money as a ballpoint pen - a tool to manage. Agree, stupid chopped for ballpoint pens.

My wife and children are with money as well. For me, the topic of personal finance and corporate inseparable - the budget of my family I form as well as the company. There are operating costs, there is investment, and all the expenses only in investment plans. I am advocating savings in business - just as we live modestly. Now the budget of our family of four - 42-46 thousand. Rub. per month. This is for current needs. About half the money spent on products that I buy in "Auchan", about 8 thousand. Rub. - On utility costs, and the rest - entertainment like the movies a couple of times a month, and restaurants such as "Yakitori".

Yes, I can afford more, but almost anything you want, but why? Who surprise? To prove something? It has some physiological complexes. Here I like to kick: do you have the same car Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen. Certainly not the cheapest cars. Only he, for a moment, on gas. I bought it, as expected, b / y, three-year. And of course credit. You could pay for your purchase at once, but average rates on car loans - 15% per annum. If I invest in your business, you earn a lot more. Brand new "Mercedes", you can show off just in front of the "six", and if you live and communicate among equals, you'll look like an idiot. I'd rather invest in large beautiful designs than to lower them to himself and beautiful toys.

Dmitry Potapenko, Managing Partner, Management Development Group



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