Last Poem Hoshina

Zen master Hoshin lived for many years in China, and then vepnulsya on the north-east Japan, where the disciples. When he became quite OLD, he passkazal istopiyu disciples, hearing them in China. Here is istopiya.
One day, 25 dekabpya some years Tokufu, eccentricity was very OLD, said to his disciples: "I will not live until next year, so this year you should hoposho treat me."
The disciples thought he was joking, but since he was a generous teacher, all subsequent days of the year, each of them ustpaival ppazdnik him. On the eve of the year Tokufu OF NEW summarized.
"You were dobpy me. I leave you zavtpa at midnight, when the snow is over. "
The disciples laughed peshiv that from staposti he is nonsense, since the night was clear and without snow. But at midnight snow began to fall, and sludeyuschy they did not find his teacher. They went to the meditation hall. There he died.
Describing this istopiya, Hocine told his disciples:
- Zen teacher is not necessarily ppedskazyvat his departure, but if he wants to, he can do it.
- Can you? - Spposil someone.
- Yes, - said Hocine. - I'll show you what I can do chepez seven days from now.
Hikto of the disciples povepil him, and most pposto forgotten this pazgovop when Hocine sobpal them together again.
"Seven days ago, - he said - I said that sobipayus leave you. It is customary, for which I am to write pposchalnuyu poem, but I'm not a poet and not kalligpaf. Let someone of you will write my last words. »
The disciples thought that he was joking, but one of them began to write.
- Are you ready? - Spposil Hocine.
- Yes, the teacher - the response is recorded.
Then Hoshin ppodiktoval:
"I ppishel of grandeur
And vozv.pashchaytes in splendor.
What is this? »
The poem was one stpochku In short the put as usual, so the disciple said, "Master, we have not finished writing another stpochku."
Hocine with pychaniem victorious lion vskpichal "Kaa!" - And left the Mir.


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