Andreas Gursky: expensive photos from the most expensive photograph in the world

It's nice when to work well paid, and if you pay 10 times as much "good", it is pleasant to ugliness. The most expensive photograph in the world - German Andreas Gursky - know what I mean, because it is known as the champion who sells his great shots for 3 and more than a million dollars. Just think: 3, and even 4 lemon for a single photo! Believe is difficult, but it happens. Andreas went to this more with youth, graduated from high school Folkwang in Essen and the Academy of Arts in Germany. Light up the desire to become a professional photographer Andreas even earlier - in childhood. From an early age he knew that such a lens, shutter, shutter speed and aperture, because his father was engaged in advertising photography. Succeeded his father went ahead and started taking the scale of that and conquer the world. 57-year-old photographer has traveled the world and has created his own archive of photographs, which will go under the hammer in a matter of seconds if Andreas desired.

I strive to create a work of art, which should be different from the nature - I did not do a photo realistic.
Acquainted with his creations?

Madonna concert in Los Angeles, September 13, 2001

Panoramic photo of "99 cents", created in 1999, was sold for $ 3,340,456 in 2007.

The record belongs to the cost of the work Gursky "Rhine IIĀ», for which in 2011 posted $ 4.4 million Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk.

Niagara Falls, 1989

Dortmund, 2009


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