Modern architecture

Revolutionary advances in construction technologies pave the way for the most sophisticated ideas of architects, have created a new era in modern architecture, which includes a set of directions, movements and styles. Modern architectural wonders appear like mirages. We offer you seven examples, which have been designed to revolutionize our daily lives.

"City in the sky»

This heavenly park designed in the framework of the "Megatropolis" organized in London. At first glance, quite exotic, like the stills of distant fantastic future. The proposed design group Hrama project is called «City in the sky». Futuristic skyscrapers concept is designed to create a green oasis on the dirty and smoggy cities. For buildings taken shape of lotus flower, a symbol of purity and innocence. Such stratospheric park will be a city that will consist of green spaces, ponds and fountains, made of steel and glass structures.

"City Cyclists" in China

Coming soon will be a reality "Bicycle City" in China. Architectural firm JDS Architects has developed a project velogoroda «Chongming Bicycle Park». The main purpose - to popularize bicycle. Bicycle in China is an integral part of life. It will be a park for recreation, entertainment, parties and concerts. Designed primarily for bicycle lovers. It plans to build entertainment centers, cafes, cinemas and restaurants. And every institution can call on a bicycle. The buildings are constructed in the form of a spiral. On the outer edges are paths for bikers.

City Park in Seoul, South Korea

Have you ever park inside the building? The project entitled «Culture Forest» («Forest Culture") is a city park located in the walls of the building. The rooms and stairwells will be a lot of greens. The roof is equipped with solar panels. The building will be fully operational from renewable energy sources.

Sea Loop, Florida

In St. Petersburg, Florida, it has been presented a very interesting architectural structure. A huge loop ramp for tricks like 360 ​​degrees, is located on the water, connecting the beach to the sea.
The building has a large hall and an exhibition hall. They can hold private events and concerts. From the outside there is a playground, where in the warm season will be held in the open air performances. The edge loop is submerged in water, which serves as an artificial beach.

The underwater hotel in Dubai

Construction company Drydocks developed hotel project «Hydropolis Undersea Resort», located at a depth of 20 meters. By area, it is the famous London «Hyde Park». The idea is to get people who have never dipped under water, and even those who can not swim, can feel the peace and inspiration that brings the underwater world. The hotel will contain 220 rooms, which can be accessed via a 500-meter tunnel, using silent trains. Review a hotel 10 stars, making it not only unusual, but also the most comfortable and expensive.

"Vertical Forest" in Italy

Currently under construction are amazing tower Bosco Verticale («vertical forest") in Milan. These are two houses, plastered with hundreds of terraces. Will consist of 27 floors. They will be home not only to 900 people, but also for the 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 plants. The designers hope that the greens will eliminate pollution from transport and to provide shade from the sun. Milan skyscrapers will become the highest green building in the world.

Metro Station in China

In 2015, the plan to complete the construction of the largest underground high-speed rail station in the world «Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus». It will connect Hong Kong to Beijing. Trains will travel at speeds of 124 miles / hour. Most of the roof will be a green pedestrian path that will give the chance to feel in the park, but not at the station. This development is recognized as the best project of the future according to the MIPIM Awards.


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