Infomercial with Bar Refaeli

By tradition, the ninth consecutive year, the world's largest domain name registrar - GoDaddy is paying a huge sum (the average price of seats in the air at this time is 3, 8 million dollars) to run their ads during the Super Bowl. And every year their humorous videos made at the rate of the ambiguity and shocking, and therefore cause a mixed reaction of the audience - they can easily find offensive, disgusting and sexist. And it seems that this year the company has surpassed itself.

In the video starring the famous model Bar Refaeli and actor Jesse Haynmann, who throughout his career, playing the role of nerds and misfits. Version below - full version without censorship.

Part of the audience could not bear what is happening on the screen - even some customers the company decided to desist forthwith from its services. In response to negative comments on the site, said the head of the company that they, nevertheless, are not going to apologize for a video and think that everyone has a right to their opinion.

Fans of this creation, too, there was not enough and the main objective was achieved - a roller in the top three most talked about on the Internet, while GoDaddy that day there was a significant rise in sales and a huge traffic.

Sama Bar Rafaeli gave the following comment:
I always wanted to go to a club full of people, look around, pick a guy that you would never imagine could not imagine that I shall kiss, or I will turn all the attention, and kiss him in front of everyone, to make him happy. So for me it was a dream come true.


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