British photographer Christopher Swann (Christopher Swann) captures the fascinating underwater pictures in which sharks and dolphins hunted by a pack of mackerel. We seldom think about that one have to hunt animals, while others defend themselves. But thanks to the wildlife photographer we have the opportunity to see how do they do occur. These photos were taken off the Azores.

To better protect yourself, mackerel gather in huge flocks, forming a massive silver bowl. Swann photos show how thousands of fish in their actions agreed by defensive tactics, escape from the hungry sharks, dolphins, albatrosses in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the photographer, the diameter of the ball reaches 9 meters.

Nevertheless, even this massive object fell victim to predators. While sharks and dolphins attacking the flocks of mackerel from the water, on top of petrels attacked wishing to also eat fresh fish. Christopher Swann actually incredibly lucky to capture this underwater battle. You can not say about the fish. Well what can I say - not just be herring!



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