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A few hours before the birth of Kim was in the clouds. She wanted to return to their former shape and remembered a photo session in Cape:

Happy Birthday my best friend, my life and my soul! I love you and I do not need words!

We are preparing to release Kardashian Kollection for a long time :) peas

Shine on necklaces on my face. How do I love decorating Dannijo!

Kim on a recent interview. Topics of the same type - pregnancy, Kanye, self-care and a new perfume / sunblock / clothing collection and ... (there is more releases?)

Made a side parting. How do you?

Kim followers seem in any way, because they are vying with each other to discuss Botox, which Kardashian enjoys. I think Botox has not played a special role, a person has changed due to pregnancy (especially when you consider the fact that the girl was born).

He always makes me feel special, and it does not need a reason.

Soon will release its own textbook in hairdressing. Look how beautiful, but simple in execution pigtail I got!

The man - a master of his craft. Thanks to him, I have forgotten how to weave a hundred techniques!

Kim Jasmine in the image: working fan.

Last month of pregnancy:

Today's bow - Lanvin.

My temple.

Food for me and the boys in the studio! # # Zharenayakuritsa kukuruznyyhleb zelenayafasol # # # sladkoekartofelnoesufle bananovyypuding # sendvichissyrom

That's how they eat ... even in Food collage does not fit.

See what kind of photo I found! Kendall, Kylie and Susie.

We are pleased with Courtney sun! # Detkivbikini

My "pregnant lips." EOS products to the rescue! LOL

Preparing for a photo shoot.

Good week. Do not forget about safety on the roads!

They like to work together. In it he sees Cleopatra, she was in it - jovial, with whom you can have some fun.

Terry and Kim:

With Mom in Paris:

Kim Kardashian Twitter:


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