Nibbling Karandashov

each child's age characterized by certain bad habits. Weaning babies and nipples, suck your fingers or bite their nails, the children of primary school age bite, pens, pencils, rulers and pencil, and even textbooks. The fact that it is harmful adults are well aware. On hands and all school subjects is a wide variety of bacteria, microbes, or intestinal parasites. In addition, lead pencil or ink from the handle bar, hitting the inside of the child's body fraught with undesirable consequences. To wean the child from this habit, try to understand why he chews on pencils. To establish the cause of a bad habit, we must first analyze and remember when she appeared. Where is he chewing pencils? Only in school or at home, too. Basically nibble pencils and other school subjects related children begin when coming to school. For most children, school - is stress, a change of scenery and loads. The child is nervous, experiences and pencil helps him relieve nervous tension. Especially difficult is the transfer of children who did not go to kindergarten and is ready for school at home. In addition to the school load, they are adapting to a new kollektive.

They should publicly respond to the teacher's questions, go to the board. Children afraid to say or do something that is not so, especially if it causes ridicule from classmates and teacher observation. Therefore, they are always nervous when they have to answer or write tests, and not much for himself start to chew on pencils. If your child chews on pencils at school and at home, try to estimate its load. Maybe it would be hard or it can not cope with their homework. Or perhaps not learned some stuff, and it's hard to do homework. So he sits, thinks like them to do, gnawing a pencil, and the head of any sensible thoughts. Help them with homework, explain the loss of the subject, it will feel much more confident and forget about the pencil. It is not necessary to shout at the child, if it gnaws pens and pencils. So you will only aggravate the situation and will not help him get rid of this bad habit. Try to create a peaceful atmosphere at home, the child can relax and feel to your party support and understanding. Many parents are coming up with different ways to wean the baby chew on school supplies. For example, you can buy it with a beautiful original pen tips, and instead of wooden pencils use metal hiding with pencil.



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