Blood type influences sexuality

Scientists have identified the relationship between sexuality and blood group. As a result, a long sociological study, which was attended by several thousand people, it was found that sexuality does not depend only on the appearance or character traits, but also by blood. So, it turned out that the owners of the first group of blood peculiar as a powerful sexual temperament and love to a variety of experiments and levity and inconstancy. People with the second group of blood, perhaps, do not hit your partner unusual sexual delights, but reliable in all respects - such as the saying goes, even the fire, even in the water of romantic adventure. The man in whose veins flows the blood of the third group, characterized by romanticism and sensuality, which he enthusiastically implements in bed. In turn, a partner with fourth blood group chooses not mind, and heart - in sexual relations an important role for him to play a trust and sincerity reciprocal feelings.



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