Frank and Louie

cat with two snouts named Frank and Louie hit the Guinness Book of Records. It was included in the register of the achievements of what has become by far the most adult animals with a similar ailment - September 8, Frank and Louis was 12 years old. Mistress Frank and Louie is a resident of Massachusetts named Martha (she asked not to mention her name in the press, that it was not satisfied with the curious fellow pilgrimage to her home). She told the newspaper Worcester Telegram and Gazette, which took the cat-champion in 1999, when she worked as a nurse in a veterinary clinic for zhivotnyh.

According to Marty, dvuhmordogo kitten brought to a veterinary center to euthanize. However, the nurse insisted to take care of the cat. Typically, animals with similar disabilities live from one to four days after birth, but Frank and Louie managed to get stronger and grow into quite a healthy cat. Frank and Louie two mouths, two noses and two functioning eyes (the third, located in the middle of the muzzle does not see). In one unusual animal brain, and therefore both of his face react to what is happening around in sync. When the cat eats, he uses the right side of the head on which the face of Frank. Nose Louis mealtime Frank moves. Frank and Louie was born with a malformation called diprosopus. This deviation is characterized by the presence of two persons (in the case of animals - mugs) on one golove.

Hostess cat noted that the malformation does not prevent her pet. Frank and Louie Marty lives in a house in a big company of her other pets: dog, cat and other parrots. By the nature of Frank and Louie is more like a dog, stressed his mistress. He likes to walk on a leash and go for a drive in the car. As told Reuters spokeswoman Book of Records, the biography of an unusual cat will be included in the next issue of the publication, fixes various achievements. See also: Cats know how to manage people. The cat made friends with the fawn. Mom in the animal world.



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