Buford, Wyoming auctioned.

Buford, where only one person in Wyoming put up for auction. Reported Wyoming News. The only resident and self-proclaimed mayor of the town of Don Sammons (Don Sammons) decided to change their place of residence and to put agriculture at the auction. Bidding set for April 5, 2012, the starting price of lots - 100 thousand US dollars. Sammons called years in Buford "perfect time" for himself and his family, however, said that all his family had moved to other places, and he himself will soon have to retire. Buford, located between Laramie and Cheyenne, was founded in the late 19th century, during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. At the moment of greatest population there lived about two thousand railroad workers and their families, who later changed their place of residence, as the construction of highways gradually move on zapad.

In the management of Sammons, who settled in Buford in 1980, are a gas station and convenience store. Outlets Sammons bought in 1992. In addition, the city has a department (e-mail) address the United States and cell tower management that also brings Sammons income. A potential buyer Buford also have at its disposal about 10 acres of land, parking and five buildings, including a house with three bedrooms and a school building, built in 1905. Buford - not only settlement in the United States, where only one person. So in Nebraska has Monouay village (Monowi), which is the only resident Elsie Eiler, whose husband died in 2004. Mrs. Euler, like Don Sammons, declared himself mayor - she is the owner of a license to sell alcohol and pays taxes to the village treasury. Note, previously a resident of Iowa sold on the online auction site eBay chicken nugget, in shape resembling the profile of the head is turned to US president George Washington. See also: City of electronic waste. Park clay sculptures in China. Giant panorama of New York from memory.

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