Incredibly rare case! It is the oldest cat with two muzzles.

We already told you about the charming cat with a crooked snout called Quasi. Despite its unattractive appearance, Mock found a huge popularity! But the cat with a double named Frank and Louie, who lives in Massachusetts, United States - an incredibly rare event!

The fact that this cat is not only two nicknames, and two heads. Frank and Louis suffers from a rare disease called diprosopus. Animals that have put such diagnosis, do not live more than 2-3 days ...

former mistress Frєnka and Louis also not nurtured hopes that this unusual cat survives, so bring it on euthanasia in one of the local veterinary clinics. This natural wonder noticed one of the nurses, and immediately fell in love with him. Kind Marty took extraordinary kid himself and left him.

Incredibly, Frank and Louis back in 2011 hit the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cat with the same disease. At that time he had as many as 12 years!

Now this healthy adult cat lives, as they say, happily ever after. This two-faced cat two mouths, two noses and two functioning eyes. Despite two of the muzzle, from a cat brain. Interestingly, both heads react to what is happening simultaneously. While Frank and Louie eats only one mouth, in the main part of Frank, he eats right for two.

According to Marty, the people who see it for the first time the two-headed wonder, horrified. But not for long, because Frank and Louie - a very kind and affectionate cat. He has a very unusual character - he likes to go by car, go for a walk on a leash, as well as good food and do not bother about their "uniqueness».

The cozy house with Marty Frankie and Louie lived another healthy cat, parrot and a dog. All animals get along very well with each other, creating a kind and cheerful atmosphere in the house.

Frank and Louie really - very unusual. Few would dare to take the animal to his home, which was virtually no guarantee of a living, so even with such a defect. But the good woman gave this Kitten rebirth. This is his Redemptrix! It is thanks to her he had already lived such a happy and long life. Tell us about this touching story to your friends. After all, good deeds of such people - it is an invaluable source of inspiration for life!


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