These children were asked to choose the most beautiful woman among the models. Their response brings to tears!

Look in front of some difficult choices are these kids. Frankly, I would not wish anyone to be in their place ... They try themselves as judges at a beauty contest. This is the only competition it is very unusual! It is fundamentally different from the rest of the competition ... Among centerfold pictures they need to choose the most beautiful in their opinion. Among these images are close to ideal models, there is a photo of their beloved mother. I wonder whom to stop the choice of these kids? Who is she - a beauty queen? The answer brings kids to tears!

What are they super-model with the glossy magazine covers, when they have a beloved mother ?! After all, for every kid his mom - the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Many say that the concept of the ideal of beauty shaped by society. But no matter how much you may be years, if you were given a choice, even at the scale beauty contest, and your mother will be among the contestants, you're not thinking, it will choose. Because this is the most important woman in your life is simply out of the competition! That is true love, sincerity and purity! With the last day of the mother! Take care of their mothers! Share these good video with family and loved ones you people.


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