Girl 8 years eating only one pizza

Sophie Ray - 19-year-old girl from Wales, which for the past 8 years of not eating nothing but pizza Margarita.

Sophie suffers from a rare disease - selective eating disorder povedeniya.

Its problems have arisen for the first time when she was ill gastroenteritom.

After recovery, she was afraid to take any food except cheese pasta, chips and lemon sandwich, and in 11 years, she opted for a hot pizza, sometimes eating up to 3 servings per day. See also: Book of Records was an Indian boy has 34 fingers. A resident of Brazil raises his eyes from their sockets 95% 27-year-old girl with Rotate stops living a normal life. The oldest person in the world was 256 years old. 95-year-old Chinese woman, six days after the death got out of the coffin. The smallest man found in the Nepalese village. A resident of Britain is recognized as the fattest man in the world.



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