Pedestrians in the US

In the US city of Fort Lee (NJ) Police struggling with pedestrians who send sms without looking where they are going. For this they will be fined $ 85. Local police claims that this measure is dictated by considerations of safety on the roads. Since the beginning of the year more than 20 pedestrians were hit by a car in Fort Lee. Law enforcement officers believe that the reason for that - not so much bad driving skills, how many pedestrians who do not look where they're going, and do not pay attention to others. Police said the main culprits of people to send SMS on the go or listen to loud music in mobile phones and iPods. The head of the local police, Thomas Ripoli says that "it is their very distracting - pedestrians do not look where they're going." Will be fined not all. Pedestrians absorbed their mobile phones on the sidewalks left alone. But as soon as one of them will come out on the roadway, or violate any other rules of the road, they will be fined. See also: 50 facts about the US and Americans through the eyes of Russians. Miami is the most miserable US city. In the US, the city put up for sale.



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