The book, which will force you to read

Surely you do not just give a promise to myself to read the book that started a year ago, but it is you alone on the shelf, waiting, when will you give it at least some attention. Argentine publishing house Eterna Cadencia found this situation unfair and presented the original concept of the book with an interesting format called «El Libro que No Puede Esperar» (The book, which can not wait). This book is printed with ink that disappears after 2 months after you first opened knigu.

The book is packed in plastic wrap, and once you have removed it and dug a book, ink begin to age and after 60 days the readers have no choice, how to look at the wrapper and empty stranitsy.Chernila book react with sunlight and air and gradually disappear. So, that was not excruciatingly painful for the wasted money, do not put off this book a long yaschik.

The idea to create such a book appeared at the publishing house due to the fact that new writers have been quite difficult to get through. If no one will read your first book, who want to read the second and third product? The book, which does not wait for a long time will not let the book lie around and collect dust and will encourage you to read more. Perhaps such a solution will survive prints, which are increasingly replacing the e-books.
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