Facts About the Human Body


At a time when a person sees someone who he likes, his eyebrows are raised by one or two tenths of a second. Measure your weight. Now divide it by 360 - so much salt is contained in your body. Every day during waking hours our eyes stay closed for 30 minutes ... while morganiya.43647ac6e6.jpg

An adult daily consumption of 40 kg of oxygen. For 60 years the person loses half of taste buds on the tongue and 40% of olfactory receptors in the nose. If all of the DNA helix within the human body stretched in one line, they would get back to the sun and 400raz. Women are 70% more likely to live to be 100 years than muzhchiny.14a5a1684e.jpg

During the descent from the hill of the pressure in the kneecaps tripled compared to the rest. "Height" of the head is typically one-eighth of the total body height. In our 50 billion body cells. One gram of human excrement is 100,000,000,000 microbes. The blood in the capillaries of the body squeezes in a thickness smaller than a human volosa.0515e39dd3.jpg

The salt content in the eyeballs - 3.5 percent. The average speaker at every word falls 2.5 microscopic droplets of saliva flying from his mouth toward the listeners.

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