Celebrities before and after makeup (80 photos)

How much we are already reviewed in which only as they are brought before us is not.
Let's look at celebrities in their natural form and is comparable with smeared faces.
Celebrities before and after plastic surgery (45 photos)

Tori Spelling

Halle Berry

Pamela Anderson

Kim Kardashian

Megan Fox

Olivia Wilde

Jessica Simpson

Katie Holmes


Amanda Seyfried

Tyra Banks

Marcia Cross

Jennifer Garner

Angelina Jolie

Vanessa Hudgens

Drew Barrymore

Heidi Klum

Hilary Duff

Eva Longoria

Naomi Watts

Sienna Miller

Claudia Schiffer

Kim Cattrall

Jennifer Lopez


Jessica Alba

Jada Pinkett Smith

Courteney Cox

Katherine Heigl

Lindsay Lohan

Kirsten Dunst

Milla Jovovich

Jessica Biel

Ashley Greene

Kristen Stewart

Cameron Diaz

Katy Perry

Paris Hilton

Lady Gaga

Marilyn Manson

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