25 amazing talents of animals (25 photos)

Amazing everywhere! I offer you a selection of animals with unusual features. California ground squirrels use a rather unusual way to disguise their smell from various predators: they chew and smeared on his fur skin discarded rattlesnake.

Depending on several factors a person can live without water for 3 to 5 days. Camel 15 days. But the kangaroo rat due to the peculiarities of the kidneys can live without water LIFE (life- term up to 5 years).

Sea hare is a poisonous creature hermaphrodite. During mating some of them may act as both sexes.

Some birds are so good memory, that they can memorize the route of 42 000 kilometers and stopped for the night in the same places

Everyone knows that the dog's sense of smell is 10 000 times stronger than cheloveka.No Only recently, scientists found that dogs can feel the breast cancer at an early stage.

Bald Eagle -monogamnye birds and choose their partners for life. Also, all my life, they live in one nest. Like any couple, they love to arrange well the dwelling ...
The biggest eagles nest reached 6 meters deep and 3 meters in diameter and weighed about 3 tons.

Crocodiles can swallow large stones. Presumably crocodile stones needed to grind food in the stomach. In addition, ballast stones are submerged under water.

North American wood frog can freeze in winter and "thaw" in the spring.

Many people know that the ability to regenerate Planaria has part of his body, even his head. But recently it became known that when she has a new head, instead of the old one, it stores old memories. Perhaps, then, you lost his head - not the most pleasant of them.

Dove-one of the few animals that can recognize their image in the mirror. They can also remember the faces of people.

Nature has endowed deepwater fish called black Crookshanks (Chiasmodon niger) is very flexible stomach ... With its wide open mouth Crookshanks able to swallow prey much higher than it in size. The stomach and the wall of the body may be very stretched, allowing the fish bite larger prey without any problems.

It Palaemonias ganteri family of crustaceans. It differs from its counterparts, lack of pigment eyes ... and enviable longevity. If an ordinary cancer lived an average of 5-7 years, the life expectancy of this species can reach 175 years.

Xibalbanus Tulemensis- first poisonous crustacean discovered near the Yucatan Peninsula. This animal is capable of dissolving bodies in the bodies of their victims using a special poison.

The heart of a blue whale the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, heart weight can reach 600 kg, palpitations heard for several kilometers ahead

African elephants can hear ... nogami.Osobye nerve endings on the feet perform the function of the auditory receptor.

Fleas can jump a distance of 220 times its body length.

Sexual intercourse sea turtles can take up to 12 hours.

Long tongue of the woodpecker is located in the skull and wraps around the entire head.

Snail ninja shoots "love arrows" of calcium carbonate in potential partners, for which he received the nickname "ninja." These arrows are covered with a small amount of hormones, which have the purpose to reproduce

Corixidae-the loudest animal in the world (if we are talking about the relation to the magnitude of the volume of the body). And the sound it produces ... his sexual organ! The volume - 99.2 dB.

Prints of "hands" koala almost indistinguishable from human fingerprints. The difference is visible only under a microscope.

For a small frog Rhinella proboscidea, dwelling in tropical rain forests of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the death of a partner is not an obstacle for mating.
If the female dies, the faster male grabs her and rhythmically squeezes her abdomen. When the fall of the female egg, the male immediately fertilizes them.

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