Witness to the murder

What would you do if you opened the doors to the elevator, and you saw the inside of a man strangling another? It is this and decided to check out the guys from project Thinkmodo. So, the next "divorce" in the elevator - the murder of a front to test the response of lyudey.

1. Thus, the actors are ready - "killer", "victim" and the noose on shee.

2. In the elevator were hidden cameras to film the reaction lyudey.

3. The woman immediately rushed to the aid of the victim, trying to get her out of lifta.

4. These girls are not confused - until one dials the phone the police, the other furiously trying to save a man's life by sacrificing his own bouquet tsvetov.

5. Someone even decided to defuse the situation came to hand ognetushitelem.

6. Some prefer to pretend that nothing videl.

7. Some were too shocked to even move from mesta.

8. Some people felt uncomfortable at all interfere with the murder ...

9. Someone chose to get out quickly podalshe.

10. One guy seriously decided to help, and the actor who played the murderer, it could itself become zhertvoy.

11. What would you do? Hopefully, you got to your phone to call the police, and not to make a photo like this bald "frame".

Source: bigpicture.ru/?p=380588


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