Why do we not remember his childhood

Scientists and psychologists have long puzzled over the question, "Why do we forget our early childhood - the most carefree, and perhaps the happiest time of our lives?" The two scientists believe that found out the cause of the phenomenon, that Sigmund Freud dubbed the "infantile amnesia," and why we can not bring back those memories back. They said that the rapid growth of cells in the memory center of the brain in the first years of life means that the key links between existing cells are destroyed. As a result, the memories are stored there, it becomes impossible to obtain.

Scientists have gathered at a seminar held in Canada, we heard that this may explain why young children can remember events such as birthday, just for a few weeks or months before they disappear. In contrast to the connections in the brain of young children, the brain in older children and adults is more stable, which allows you to store memories pravilno.Avtorami this theory is the married couple. Paul Frankland and bus Joslin, from the University of Toronto, showed that an increase in the production of memory cells in the center of adult mice led to the loss of memories. Previous studies have shown that people usually can not remember events that occurred before the age of two to three years, and have very vague memories of things that happened to them from three to seven years.

The disappearance of the memories have often tried to explain. Among these hypotheses: record new memories on top of existing ones, as well as forming a stable memory after the development of conversational skills. Nevertheless, the researchers believe that their theory is the most plausible. They said, "Why infantile amnesia, there has long been a mystery. We believe that our new research is starting to explain why we are not saved memories a very early age. " They added that there are a number of advantages that we do not remember every detail of our childhood. For example, their two year old daughter recently began to cry, afraid of the dark when they turned the lights off before making a celebratory cake with candles.

"As a child, with the child going on a lot of stress that could hurt him for a lifetime. Therefore, it is even better that children can forget about such a strong stress in a few days "- quoted scientists Mail Online.

Source: fedpost.ru/sobytiya/42578-uchenye-vyyasnili-pochemu-my-tak-ploxo-pomnim-svoe-detstvo.html


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