Seafood fraud (13 photos)

Lovers of beer snacks in the form of salt fish dedicated.
The most interesting moments of the production of this product.
You will learn what and how to cheat.

Tuna on the skin. In fact - crushed Smoked- salty (or simply salty-dried) strips bluvaytinga.

Sometimes bluvaytinga fillets sold in its original form:

2. salt-dried (salty, smoked) strips of tuna (tuna meat). Actually - the product is manufactured from surimi - crushed and colored by a special technology of white fish meat. Several years ago, for the manufacture of surimi massively used pollock, saithe now used - the most cheap white fish. Just surimi produced plenty of other "imitation" of seafood (in particular - crab sticks, which gave rise to the famous saying "the production data of crab sticks crab none were harmed").

Salt-dried strips of salmon. In fact - the same Tuna: surimi product.


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