Bright natural phenomena

Today we want to introduce you to ten of the most beautiful and unusual natural phenomena producing unsurpassed Kudesnitsa - Mother-prirodoy.

1. Northern Lights - one of the most mysterious creatures of nature. Mystic and extremely beautiful phenomenon can be seen near the magnetic poles of both hemispheres of the planet. It can last from several hours to several days. Its intensity depends on the solar activity. It is best to carry out surveillance at night in clear calm weather, away from the noise and lights in Norway, Sweden or Finlyandii.

2. Clouds in the form of giant pipes can not often be seen in the sky before a severe thunderstorm. Clouds form unusual globular clusters with smooth edges. Their color gradually changes from white to dark - gray. Phenomenon is very beautiful and redkoe.

3. Many believe Monarch butterflies among the most beautiful creatures on our planet. The colorful lёgkokrylymi beauties can be seen for hours. This is best done in America during the migration of these butterflies from Canada to Mexico and back. These days the trees of California Parks takes on a new multicolored orange-black color. Their branches and leaves are completely hidden from the eyes of colorful babochkami.


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