Bright natural phenomena

Today we want to introduce you to ten of the most beautiful and unusual natural phenomena producing unsurpassed Kudesnitsa - Mother-prirodoy.

1. Northern Lights - one of the most mysterious creatures of nature. Mystic and extremely beautiful phenomenon can be seen near the magnetic poles of both hemispheres of the planet. It can last from several hours to several days. Its intensity depends on the solar activity. It is best to carry out surveillance at night in clear calm weather, away from the noise and lights in Norway, Sweden or Finlyandii.

2. Clouds in the form of giant pipes can not often be seen in the sky before a severe thunderstorm. Clouds form unusual globular clusters with smooth edges. Their color gradually changes from white to dark - gray. Phenomenon is very beautiful and redkoe.

3. Many believe Monarch butterflies among the most beautiful creatures on our planet. The colorful lёgkokrylymi beauties can be seen for hours. This is best done in America during the migration of these butterflies from Canada to Mexico and back. These days the trees of California Parks takes on a new multicolored orange-black color. Their branches and leaves are completely hidden from the eyes of colorful babochkami.

4. In the highlands of the central Andes, you can see another mysterious natural phenomenon - Penitentes. This multiple needles of ice and snow on the glacier surface height from a few centimeters to two metrov.

5. Total time in several years, you can watch the unique spectacle - the movement of huge stone boulders on the surface of dry lake Reystrak Playa national park Death Valley, California. Stones weighing tens of kilograms falling from a height of 260 meters of the hill and then gently slide on the bottom of the clay with a little speed, leaving a trail of a few tens of meters and a depth of no more than three centimeters. An unusual phenomenon was discovered long ago, but scientists and can not come together in a single view that is the cause of this strange dvizheniya.

6. Another mysterious natural phenomenon - super cell storm clouds. Most often they can be seen in areas with humid climate and frequent thunderstorms, such as in the central states of America. The most beautiful clouds in the late afternoon chasy.

7. Beauty and ruthlessness fiery tornado fascinates and frightens. Colorful fiery whirlwind up to five kilometers of moving with great speed, incinerating everything in its path. Fortunately, this is a very rare yavlenie.

8. Sandstorms can be seen in the warm season in the desert regions of the planet. The spectacle is certainly beautiful and fascinating, but it is best to watch at a decent rasstoyanii.

9. Like a magic colorful path woven of water drops and sun rays, connects heaven and earth colorful rainbow. Usually it is formed after the rain at the optimal direction of the sun's rays. Sometimes you can see a rainbow with a double arch, but it's just a beautiful optical obman.

10. One of the most mysterious puzzles of nature - taossky hum or as it is otherwise called Taos Hum. Named after the Indian village of Taos US state of New Mexico. All residents of the neighborhood are suffering from a strange vibrating hum. They argue that the strange sounds come from somewhere from the depths of the earth and are very similar to the noise from heavy-duty diesel engine idling. To date, this acoustic mystery planet not yet solved. Although there are many hypotheses, sometimes passing all facets of reality.



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