Accidents on the roads of the world

The fact that the road traffic regulations must be observed already been contacted and told not once, not twice. These boring morality already rather fed up with everything, so now we just want to show you a selection of pictures that tell about the twelve most terrible accident on the world's roads. 1. As a result of the collision of ten cars and tanks with acid in 2000 on the track number ten in Florida, three people died and twenty were seriously uvechya.

2. February 1, 2013 of the bridge collapsed in the Chinese province of Henan. This has caused the death of five people and wounded eight more people. The collapse occurred because of the explosion of a truck transporting a large consignment of feyerverkov.

3. In 2008, in the north of Mexico, a drunk driver crashed into a group of participants of the cycling race.

4. In 2000, in France as a result of a terrible accident killed three people, who were traveling in the bus, and another twenty-one passenger was seriously injured.

5. Collision truck near Le Havre (France) in 2002.

6. The unlucky thief lost control of a stolen vehicle and overturned. According to eyewitnesses, the hijacker absolutely not injured and had to quickly retreat from the scene before the police arrived. There was such a curious accident in the Russian capital in 2007.

7. In 2009, a lover of fast driving and his trusty iron friend were on the roof of a church in Saxony. On lifting the machine, ehavshaya at maximum speed, off the ground, flying thirty meters and crashed into the roof of the building.

8. Because of the strong sandstorm raging in California in 1991, the fifth track faced more than one hundred cars. Seventeen people were killed and one hundred and fifty were injured.

9. Dvadtsatichetyrёhletnyaya girl lost control of the car and slammed the door in the service space. The tragedy occurred near the Austrian city of Klagenfurt in 2000.

10. Because of heavy fog in 2002 there was a mass collision of cars at the border of the US states of Georgia and Tennessee. Before the road was blocked, the participants of road accidents were 125 cars.

11. The driver of the truck lost control and overturned on the road in Pennsylvania. Two other driver did not have time to react in time and crashed into the roof of the overturned cars.

12. In 2012, in Beijing, the passenger bus was crushed under her police car. Car driver died on the spot.



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