Scientists have "printed" a new duck leg

Thanks to 3D-print duck with disabilities who are not fully able to walk, had prosthetic left leg. Duck, nicknamed Buttercup was born in Texas, defective legs - that was deployed in the opposite storonu.

Came to help printing companies NovaPrint. The sister Buttercup Mini scanned left leg, then created its 3D-model of silicon and printed protez.

Paw print backup took more than 13 chasov.

To put a new prosthesis duck amputated curve lapu.

Ready prosthesis duck was not as agile and obedient as the original. Therefore, Buttercup will have to adjust to the new lape.

The director of the reserve "Feathered Angels' Mike Gary said:" His muscles yet to be reconstructed. But I was amazed when Buttercup put the prosthesis, and he immediately went to ".

In any case, this is a great achievement. Let limping, but the duck began to go more or less naturally.



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