How chopped frame (6 photos)

I hope this information will not appear for many new. However, I consider it quite informative. So, how is chopped framework for the future of the house. Previously, in order to cut down the house it was enough of an ax and the two men, and a few days of work (plus a year of drying carcass). Now chainsaw replaced the ax, and the ax only performs additional functions. This is walking in the woods, in a sufficient distance from the road, you can find a house cut up (in this case, bath)

Log cabin in the woods. Blueberry bushes around the wildness of the place emphasize

Previously, the house rolled across the countryside. Now either buy them or just cut, but a couple of the men triple. To cut down the house itself, you have to get a forester logging site for a nominal fee and start chopping.
House cut, brёvnya customize to each other (unless it is a factory cylindering), and put to dry for a year. It is necessary to cut down the donkey, and logs popritёrlis each other.

Left lower crowns, the right upper

Actually at each log is strictly certain place. I have met quite different marking the location of the logs. Sometimes they write on the butt (end) logs. To after construction can be cut off, sometimes they cut down with an ax. In this case, a cut through the chainsaw. It became clear why the Roman numerals are still so popular.

Numbering crowns

Roman numerals pokazyvat number of crown - is the top of the log. Right serifs show stroronu logs (similar serifs 1-4). Specifically, this frame cut "in a paw».

Vlapu felled. Komel yet sawed off.

It is necessary to say a few words, about the way of fastening the log. There are two types of log cabins - "paw" and "the cup". Last warmer, but it is more difficult to hack. You must do exactly the same slot in the lower beam. While the "paw" can be enough to make a standardized wedge-shaped attachment. Plus a cup that corners go home warmer. Lapa is easier to manufacture, and after a house settles, it is possible to impose kirpichёm (for warmth). The cup is also possible to impose kirpichёm, but it will have to obpilivat protruding parts, thus violating the structural strength.


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